The Resiliency Revolution is Here!

Resilience is key to health and performance.

Build a resilient workforce with Resiliency Map®
a powerful resilience assessment and stress management tool.

Lack of focus, engagement and creativity are symptoms of mental fatigue, fear and rigidity.
Anxiety, depression and obesity can be outcomes of overwhelm, pressure and failure.
For stress management, to impact behavioral health and develop emotional intelligence,
companies need a resilience assessment and an integrated approach for improvement.

Go beyond ‘eat an apple and take the stairs.’
To build resilience and manage stress you need an integrated ‘whole person’ approach.

Physical Resiliency

Mediates stress and buffers pressures.

Access Resiliencey -An image of the human body glowing with many colors to represent vitality and human physical resiliency

Mental Resiliency

Keeps you agile, clear-headed, and innovative.

Access Resiliency - Mental Image of a human brain inside a person’s head. Beams of light are shooting from the brain representing mental resiliency

Emotional Resiliency

Builds character, governs internal decision making.

A vibrantly colored image of a person leaping into the air with joy representing emotional resiliency

Behavioral Resiliency

Rules how you act, and what you choose every day.

Person looking at many colored arrows pointing in different directions representing assessing behavioral resiliency choices

If Stress and Emotional Intelligence had a baby…
it would be called Resiliency.

To build resilience emphasize the intersection of stress and emotional intelligence.
That’s why the best stress managers have high EQ.

Arrows converging to show that to build resiliency you need to emphasize the intersection of stress and emotional intelligence

Build a more resilient workforce.

To build resilience, help your people become self-centered.

Starting with the individual is critical to building resilient companies.

One-size-fits-all programs need to go. What helps Bob stay healthy and engaged may not work for Tim or Lisa.
And the traditional wellness focus on weight management and smoking cessation doesn’t apply to everybody.

After 30 years of research and working with organizations worldwide, Essi knows that self-interest drives behavior change –
(the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor)

Essi Systems’ Resiliency Map measures an individual’s resiliency strengths and vulnerabilities.
This resilience assessment baseline is key to targeting specific self-centered personal improvements. Relevance=Buy-in=Success!

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