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EQ Map®

Emotional intelligence is the true stuff of success.

Better leaders make better teams – groom and grow your people with EQ Map.

  • Increase trust with clients, colleagues and employees
  • Maintain energy and effectiveness under pressure
  • Incite innovation and vision in your people
  • Bring intentionality to your decisions and actions
  • Evaluate and motivate performance based on behaviors


Develop and apply emotional intelligence within your team or organization

Essi Systems’ EQ Map® is a multidimensional, business-proven assessment that helps individuals discover and assess the many facets that make up their unique emotional intelligence and its relationship to personal and professional performance.

Current Environment

Life Pressures
Life Satisfactions

Environmental Demands

Emotional Awareness

Awareness of Others

Environmental Assets

EQ Competencies

Interpersonal Connections
Constructive Discontent

Resilient Beliefs and Values

EQ Values and Attitudes

Trust Radius
Personal Power
Integrated Self

Personal Coping Capabilities

EQ Outcomes

General Health
Quality of Life
Relationship Quotient
Optimal Performance

Social Coping Capabilities

Emotional Intelligence:

“The ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of energy, information, creativity, trust and connection.”

Esther M. Orioli, author of EQ Map and Robert K. Cooper, author Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Business

It’s powerful! EQ Map is a comprehensive, integrated assessment that measures the emotional intelligence factors directly tied to an individual’s ability to stay effective under pressure, develop trusting relationships and creatively sense and pursue future opportunities.

Measure Resiliency Map

EQ Map®


  • Identifies individual emotional intelligence strengths, vulnerabilities and outcomes
  • Provides EQ baseline for skill building and enhanced performance
  • Easy to use – self-administered and confidential
  • Reusable to assess and track improvement over time
  • Evaluates group, team and organizational EQ with Team Map


  • Statistically reliable and comprehensive – measures dimensions of emotional intelligence on
    20 scales
  • Includes Questionnaire, Scoring Grid and Interpretation Guide
  • Visually maps personal EQ profile
  • Confidential and self-scoring
  • Available in online or paper format

Ideal For:

  • Emotional intelligence & leader development programs
  • Sales training
  • Team building
  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)
  • Executive coaching

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