Find your strengths.
Resiliency Map®

For managing change, building stamina and increasing vitality give your people Resiliency Map.
This comprehensive, integrated resilience assessment measures the resiliency and stress factors directly tied
to an individual’s ability to stay adaptable, recover from setbacks and do better with each experience.

Resiliency Map was designed to help individuals measure the complex human factors that impact their resilience:

  • how well they take care of their bodies
  • how masterfully they use personal and social coping responses
  • how they view the world and what they value within it


A scientifically sound, business-proven resilience assessment, Resiliency Map includes over 92 bodies of research.

Environmental Demands

Work Changes
Home Changes
Work Pressures
Personal Pressures

Environmental Demands assessed in Resiliency Map: Work Changes, Home Changes, Work Pressures, Personal Pressures

Environmental Assets

Work Resources
Work Satisfactions
Personal Resources
Personal Satisfactions

Environmental Assets assessed in Resiliency Map: Work Satisfactions, Home Satisfactions, Connections to Family and Friends

Resilient Beliefs and Values

Self Esteem
Positive Outlook
Personal Power
Purpose in Life

Resilient Beliefs and Values in Resiliency Map: Optimism, Personal Power, Hardiness, Intentionality, Emotional Intelligence

Personal Coping Capabilities

Self Care
Direct Action
Situation Mastery
Time Management

Personal Coping Capabilities in Resiliency Map: Distress approaches, Response to pressure, Gratitude, Self-esteem, Self-care

Social Coping Capabilities

Support Seeking

Social Coping Capabilities in Resiliency Map: Adaptability, Engagement, Dealing with difficulty, Positive psychology, Motivation

Health and Functioning

Behavioral Health
Physical Health
Emotional Health

Health and Functioning in Resiliency Map: Quality of life, Disease factors, Wellness, Symptomologies, Stress impact

Essi Systems’ Definition of Resilience:

The ability to be adaptable and flexible; to come back after disappointments, setbacks or failures;
and to incorporate life experiences into new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Resiliency Map is a strong diagnostic; establishing resilience baselines,
promoting improvement and tracking progress.

Resiliency Map resiliency assessment tool Scoring Grid for resilience building and health

Resiliency Map®


  • Identifies individual resiliency demands, assets and current levels of functioning
  • Pinpoints your resiliency strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Enhances personal health and overall performance
  • Gives tips for improvement to build skills and develop competencies
  • Evaluates group, team and organizational resiliency through Team Map


  • Comprehensive – measures resiliency factors on 21 scales
  • Includes Questionnaire, Scoring Grid, and Interpretation Guide
  • Visually maps personal patterns
  • Confidential and self-scoring
  • Quick and easy – completed in less than an hour
  • Available in online or paper format

Ideal For:

  • Teams in transition
  • Leader programs
  • Skills training on adaptability, dealing with change, handling conflict
  • Stress management component of health and wellness programs
  • Reducing behavioral health costs
  • Kickstarting creativity and innovation

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