Address the stress.

Stress is complicated.
The solution doesn’t have to be.

Stress is overwhelm.
Stress is creativity.
Stress is a promotion at work or launching a new venture.
Stress is the long commute, juggling work and home commitments.
Stress is becoming a parent or taking that big trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Stress is part of life. Stress just is.

Because stress is a life energy force in the body, like blood pressure, when it’s too high or too low it can cause problems. Symptoms like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, drinking and smoking take an incredible toll.

Stress costs American companies $300 billion annually.

Stress is often the main driver behind lowered productivity, costly miscalculations, and increased medical healthcare costs.
That’s why stress management is a critical factor in employee well-being and engagement. So what’s an organization to do about stress? Give them StressMap, the best stress assessment to help each person find their right balance. With StressMap your people get an individualized stress profile to find their optimal stress rhythm for health, energy and performance.

Get the best from stress. Go from burnout to balance with StressMap.

With StressMap individuals easily measure their unique pressures, changes and satisfactions, identify their stress strengths and vulnerabilities, make targeted personal improvements and take control of their stress level.

Current Environment

Work Changes
Work Pressures
Work Satisfactions
Personal Changes
Personal Pressures
Personal Satisfactions

Current Environment factors assessed in StressMap: Major Changes, Working Conditions, Personal Pressures

Coping Responses

Self Care
Direct Action
Support Seeking
Situation Mastery
Time Management

Coping Responses assessed in StressMap: Self-Care, Direct Action, Support Seeking, Situation Mastery, Adaptability, Time Mgmt

Inner World

Self Esteem
Positive Outlook
Personal Power

Inner World factors assessed in StressMap: Self Esteem, Positive Outlook, Personal Power, Connection, Expression, Compassion

Signals of Distress

Physical Symptoms
Behavioral Symptoms
Emotional Symptoms

Signals of Distress assessed in StressMap: Physical Symptoms, Behavioral Symptoms, Emotional Symptoms

Essi Systems’ Definition of Stress:

“Stress is the rate of wear and tear on your physical, cognitive and emotional self
as you respond to the people, places and things in your life.“

Esther M. Orioli, author of StressMap

Life is hard. Sometimes you need a Map.

Stress is not the same for all people. Not in the words they use, the experiences they perceive or the reactions they have.
And when left untreated stress accumulates in the body and can impair one’s health and ability to function.
Help your people find their optimal stress rhythm. StressMap stress assessment Scoring Grid for stress management



  • Identifies stress demands, assets and current levels of functioning
  • Pinpoints stress “hot spots” – baseline for improvement and behavior change efforts
  • Provides tips for learning and action plans for skill building to improve personal vitality and overall performance


  • Comprehensive, statistically reliable.
  • Includes Questionnaire, Scoring Grid and Interpretation Guide
  • Confidential and self-scoring – easy to complete and understand
  • Visually maps personal patterns for insight and targeting of areas for improvement

Ideal For:

  • Workforce stress management and self care programs
  • Health and wellness
  • Initiatives to reduce medical/prescription costs
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)
  • Use in conjunction with HRAs

This is not a (Stress) test! 

Go from burnout to balance with StressMap.  With StressMap individuals easily assess their unique pressures, changes and satisfactions,
identify their stress strengths and vulnerabilities, and make targeted personal improvements. Give your people the stress assessment tool they need to manage their specific stressors. With stress tests the goal is to measure one’s knowledge about a subject, usually provided by a numeric score.
With StressMap the goal is personal discovery and self-learning for stress management; you are the subject and stress is the field of view.

Try StressMap for yourself.

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