StressMap Paper Version

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Give them a starting point.

Use StressMap® to:

  • Assess stress, health and wellness
  • Promote positive outlook and direct action
  • Increase connection, compassion and support
  • Improve time and energy management skills

StressMap® stress assessment


  • Comprehensive, statistically reliable – measures stress factors on 21 scales
  • Confidential and self-scoring – easy to complete and understand
  • Visually maps personal patterns for insight and targeting of areas for improvement


  • Identifies your stress demands, assets and current levels of functioning
  • Pinpoints stress “hot spots” – baseline for behavior change efforts
  • Provides tips for learning and action plans for skill building to improve personal vitality and overall performance

Ignite stress mastery and self care with StressMap.®
Give your employees the data they need to know more and do better.
With StressMap® individuals can measure their unique stressors, changes, satisfactions, and health outcomes. This stress baseline gives users detailed information about their personal functioning and coping patterns – insight crucial to making change.

StressMap® includes a comprehensive Questionnaire, Scoring Grid, Interpretation Guide and action-planning so users can identify their stress strengths and vulnerabilities and target areas for improvement.

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