Team Map®

Team Map®


Team Map® 

Team Map is a unique profiling system designed to help companies achieve their organizational training, leadership and employee development goals.

Team Map links metrics to your organizational imperatives and critical success factors, takes the guesswork out of planning your programs, and establishes baseline indicators. Once you run your programs, you can measure their effectiveness with Team Map’s pre-post results profiles.


  • Map data composite creates performance baseline for effective planning and intentional outcomes
  • Measure the pre-post results of any intervention
  • Create relevant behavior change programs tailored to your team’s needs
  • Target sources of distress and mechanisms for keeping your people healthy and resilient
  • Assess outcomes and ROI against internal benchmarks

How It Works:

  • Team members take their individual Maps
  • The Team Map composite report is electronically generated
  • An Essi Resource Consultant delivers your baseline and post-test Team Maps to you with a 30-minute consultation

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