Resiliency Map Paper Version

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Resiliency Map®

Explore and assess personal resiliency demands, assets and current levels of functioning with Resiliency Map. Resiliency Map includes a comprehensive Questionnaire, Scoring Grid, and Interpretation Guide for measuring resiliency factors, pinpointing resiliency strengths and vulnerabilities, and making action plans for improving and sustaining personal vitality and overall performance.


Resiliency Map resiliency assessment


  • Comprehensive, statistically reliable – measures resiliency factors on 21 scales
  • Confidential and self-scoring – easy to complete and understand
  • Visually maps personal patterns for insight and targeting of areas for improvement


  • Identifies your resiliency demands, assets and current levels of functioning
  • Pinpoints resiliency “hot spots” – baseline for behavior change efforts
  • Provides tips for learning and action plans for skill building to improve personal vitality and overall performance

When stress is the problem, resiliency is the answer.

Constant pressures can wear us down, burn us out, and hurt us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Resiliency is the ability to come back after failures, disappointments or setbacks, to be adaptable and flexible, and to incorporate life experiences into new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

When we can harness our natural resilience, it can be our greatest asset during times of difficulty and the source of vitality and creativity throughout our lives.

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