"…nearly 70% of the leaders who were ranked highly in emotional intelligence were also among the most highly skilled decision makers."

January 16, 2009

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A proven program for leaders to motivate workforces, embed standards, and manage change.

Essi Systems' Emotional Intelligence Change Initiative

Leaders invest billions of dollars every year to create the right structures, processes and business priorities, then watch in frustration as obstacles persist that hamper business growth. Essi Systems' Emotional Intelligence Change Initiative (EQCI)™ is a top-level program for leaders created on the premise that it is often human behavior that stands in the way of success.

To go from good to exceptional, today's business leaders must effectively manage organizational chaos, motivate diverse workforces and build trust with clients and shareholders alike. To address these critical needs, EQCI uses the latest concepts in emotional intelligence, brain science research and 25 years of hands-on experience with leaders of global organizations. Executives get the tools they need to create breakthrough behavior change at every level.