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Rage as a Virtue

For Anyone Who's Ever Had to Call the Shots

If you lead a team of any kind, you need to listen to this show.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence offers executives and managers
of all types the very best in practical application tools for leading by example.

Leadership and behavior change expert Esther Orioli presents the latest EQ concepts from a top-of-the-house perspective. Her featured segments include “What’s Your Problem?”– listener call in, Esther’s EQ Winners and Losers in
the News and her trademark Do It On Thursday™ challenge.

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Elizabeth Amini Dr. Carol Queen Teresa Amabile Chip Conley Jim Kouzes
John Renesch Nila Betof Ed Betof Dr. Melanie Greenberg Wendy Beecham
Marita Fridjhon Craig Dexheimer Dr. Lois Zachary Carol Frohlinger Jack Zenger
Liz Cornish Sharon Miller Robert Culver Melissa Kopplin Ayman Sawaf
Jeff Patnaude Ann Barlow Rob McHardy Valerie Coleman Morris



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