Ideal For:
  • • Trainers
  • • Consultants
  • • Coaches
  • • Facilitators
  • • Organization Development Practitioners
  • • Executive Development Professionals
  • • Team-Builders
  • • Educators
  • • Counselors

Program Fees for Emotional Intelligence Certification (3.5 days): $3900 USD

Learn how to deliver state-of-the-art programs on stress, resiliency, or emotional intelligence in a workplace setting with Essi Systems' certified instructor programs.



Join the more than 500 Essi certified instructors worldwide

Emotional Intelligence Certification Program

Become a qualified expert in emotional intelligence by attending our Emotional Intelligence Professional Certification Program featuring EQ Map®. Join the ranks of more than 500 Certified Instructors worldwide who have taken advantage of our exceptional designs, professional format, effective experiential exercises and limited special rights to our intellectual property.

The Essi EQ Certification is a professional development program designed to prepare participants to deliver Essi Systems’ Mapping and Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work program through an awareness and education model and a behavior change model. These models have been designed and tested by Essi Systems for adult learning in the workplace and are ideal for a classroom setting, one-on-one work, or for intact work groups.

Essi’s Emotional Intelligence Professional Certification gives you everything you need to deliver up to 22 hours of programming, complete with Facilitation Manual, PowerPoint Slides, reproducible Participant Handbooks, and ongoing support and supervision after the Certification.


Certification Program Objectives:

    • • Review the history and development of the EQ Map, including the Map’s reliability
      and theoretic constructs, and how to effectively interpret and apply the outcomes and results.
    • • Learn about the research on the psychoneurobiology of emotions and the role they
      play in emotional intelligence.
    • • Understand Essi Systems' latest findings on emotional intelligence and its effect on organizations, leadership, productivity, creativity, and relationships.
    • • Experience Mapping and Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work program as a participant, learning about your EQ Map scores and developing a personal action
      plan using the 21-Day Rule process for making measurable, sustainable behavioral changes.
    • • Achieve competency in the Mapping and Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work program by reviewing the model’s design, rationales, and expected outcomes when
      used in adult learning settings.
    • • Practice and deliver the step-by-step, education and awareness and behavior
      changes EQ Map models for group workshops.
    • • Explore an integrated leadership approach featuring the Three Driving Forces Of Competitive Advantage
    • • Gain an overview of the EQ Team Map and Organizational Profiling process
    • • Prepare Certification Candidates to train and promote the EQ Map Program within
      their organizations and to their clients.
    • • Network and have fun with a group of like-minded professionals dedicated to
      bringing emotional intelligence to their work and their clients.

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