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Energy and Attention

As someone who oversees and motivates the work of others you are often called upon to help them manage their time, energy and resources. But what about when it's you who could use a hand figuring out your "A" priorities or how you're going to get through a big client presentation suffering with a nasty cold or ways to stay calm and focused at the staff meeting? What can you do to increase your energy and effectiveness under pressure?


At least one time stop and record your current level of energy and attention, from 1 to 10 (1 being low, 10 being high). Note what situation you were in when you recorded your numbers. Do that as often as you can during the day and see what you notice about times when your energy and attention shift.



Special Encore Presentation:
Keeping It Up, Excelling Under Pressure
April 20, 2011

You’re the leader so all eyes are on you – managing projects, motivating staff, presenting to clients and colleagues, staying on top of the latest information and technology, attracting and retaining clients and talent, endless to do lists and deadlines. On top of all that, you supposed to lead by example, inspire others, hit your numbers and make it look easy. How do you keep it up and make things happen on days when you feel overwhelmed, underappreciated or just plain exhausted? This week on LEI Esther delves into the day-to-day grit of leading, how to build your awareness and resilience, and quick tools you can use to increase energy and effectiveness even under pressure.


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Esther Orioli
Esther Orioli is an author, consultant, and President and CEO of Essi Systems, an international management consulting company that develops measurable, sustainable leadership solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. Esther is a recognized authority in leadership development, emotional intelligence, stress, resiliency and behavior change. She is the author of EQ Map®, StressMap®, Resiliency Map® and the creator of the 21 Day Club® habit creation eTools.