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Experiment with:
Training Your Brain To Create A New Habit

How do you keep your brain fit? How do you train it to make new habits and build skills? It's all about small steps.


At least once tomorrow, do one little thing differently. Notice how your brain and your body react to doing the new thing, how frustrated or easy it is to do, and remember to tell yourself, "it's a good thing." You are fighting brain flab and finding the new you.


If you are in the habit of eating in front of your computer, consciously sit at a table for your three meals for one day. If you usually do other things when talking to people, like looking at your phone or organizing papers or whatever, then stop to look directly at the person in front of you, look directly into their eyes and resist doing other stuff.


Fighting Flabby Brain:
EQ Fitness Tips For Leaders
April 11, 2012

Most of us would say we aspire to be at our best, to function at our highest levels of mental, physical and emotional fitness. But perhaps the greatest challenge to staying sharp and fit is fighting the natural systems in the body that want us to do things the same old way. As leaders we may find ourselves sidelined at work by our brain’s inclination to use the same old solutions for new problems or to avoid taking a few risks that shake things up. These habitual behavior and thought patterns make it difficult to stay present, to act intentionally, to make decisions based on information in the moment. On this episode of LEI it’s a brain science extravaganza as host Esther Orioli and her featured guest Elizabeth Amini, CEO of, talk about brain training, reducing memory loss, increasing focus and how the EQ of the limbic system impacts the IQ/and how to use your EQ to improve your IQ.




This Week's Guest
Elizabeth Amini
Elizabeth Amini
Elizabeth Amini is the CEO of and a social entrepreneur with a background in science. She learned advanced data analysis while working as a scientist for JPL/NASA. Her business plan won the USC Business Plan contest as well as the Young Presidents' Organization award for promising new companies.