On TV and Twitter, on the job and in their living rooms, from heads of state to classroom teachers everybody is talking about resiliency.

Why? Because of economic uncertainty. Because of layoffs, mergers or major shifts in companies. Because of the unexpected, like natural disasters or a life-threatening illness, or because of the day-to-day grind and the stress that goes with it.

Because every day we are called on to do more with less.

Essi Systems’ research shows how resilient you are depends upon:

  • • How well you take care of your body
  • • How masterfully you use personal and social coping responses
  • • How you view the world and what you value within it

How Resilient Are You?

It’s a good question to ask. Because your resiliency influences (more)

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It’s a good question to ask. Because your resiliency influences some pretty important things - your health, your work, your relationships, your sleep patterns, how you cope, what you eat, and how much energy you have. And you have more influence at your command than you might think.

Yet with competing demands at work and home it's often difficult to figure out how well you're functioning in the middle of the chaos and what to do to make life easier for yourself.

What you need is a starting place.

Measure your resiliency with Resiliency Map®.

Resiliency Map targets your stress hot spots and visually maps (more)

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Resiliency Map visually maps individual (and organizational) resiliency, links health and performance, focuses on areas that can be changed, pinpoints opportunities for development, emphasizes strengths and targets action plans for improvement.

With Resiliency Map you learn:

  • • Six Dimensions of Resiliency and 21 distinct stress and resiliency factors
  • • The impact of your resiliency on your behavioral, physical and emotional health
  • • How adaptable you are at work and home
  • • Your score on vital resiliency traits like Self Care, Time Management, Direct Action and Situation Mastery
  • • Action steps to improve your resiliency and shorten your recovery time after disappointments or setbacks

Resiliency Map helps individuals play to their strengths, manage their vulnerabilities and bring their very best whether it’s good times, hard times or go time.

More on Resiliency Map

Don’t Let Your People Break Under Pressure.

Resiliency shouldn't be left to chance. Give your people (more)

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Resiliency shouldn't be left to chance. Give your people exactly what they need to target their stressors, build resiliency and increase their energy and engagement.

Essi Systems’ Resiliency Solutions offer proven, research-based trainings, webinars, and leadership programs to help companies target employee stress and build workplace resiliency. Our SaaS technology platform, 21 Day Club, featuring Resiliency Map, offers every employee a business tested, in-depth resiliency assessment with an interactive, reusable habit creation system to make positive, sustainable behavior change.

Build teams that can recover quickly from setbacks, become innovative in the face of challenges and increase focus under pressure. Stress resiliency – the heart of the matter.™

It’s what we do. Let Essi help your organization.