21 Day Club
Behavior Change is guaranteed!
Our research has proven that doing something for
5 minutes a day is enough to reprogram the brain to create a new habit.
Brain Science Research
Based on the latest in psycho-neuro-biology, self-efficacy and locus of control research, 21 Day Club features a simple, straightforward process for getting people from A to B. How? By using the same process the brain already uses to create habits in the first place.
Good for Business
Fortune 500 clients around the world have used
21 Day Club's assessment and behavior change platforms to help their people build emotional intelligence, increase resiliency and take control of their stress.

Repetition of behavior makes neural connections strong and lasting.
Three Driving Forces of Habit Creation
Knowing where to start
Getting a comprehensive snapshot of your personal resiliency gives you a baseline for gauging progress.

The ‘Gotta Wanna’ factor of continuous change
Forget about the woulds, shoulds, and coulds, if you want to do something differently "Ya Gotta Wanna."

Self interest drives learning.
The impetus for learning and change is most often driven by "What’s in it for me?". If the change doesn't give you something you want or need, then it will not happen. Period.